Courage to Be You

That’s why creating Courage to be You came about, especially because the present negative global culture, seems to thrive by relying on fear and destabilisation to weave a story that suggests the outer authority is the only one that counts, and that you will not survive without that authority. 

This is an outrageous lie!

Creating Courage to Be You recognises that women are already their own experts. This is a journey to re-empower, remember and recover your inner authority and wisdom. In doing so, you will create a stable and secure foundation of trust in yourself.

This means it is less likely for a woman to fall prey to an outer authority that does not have her best interests at heart. 

How do I know all this? My own journey has given me the tools and understanding to uncover and discern the reality of this wisdom. The kind of inner work and training I have gone through over 28+ years, plus working with hundreds of women on retreats, in workshops and 1-1 sessions, as well as using Story techniques to train top managers, has taught me to discern the reality of our collective and individual inner wisdom.

Women have this Inner Wisdom in spades! 

They don’t always realise it or importantly – trust it.

Even more interestingly, in conversation with women of different ages, certain topics keep recurring, such as:

  • Younger women worrying about social media and how they are perceived (misplaced perceptions, not realising who they really are, contribute to this).
  • People (especially in their mid-20’s) relying on drugs to ‘recreationally’ balance the stress of life, but now they are addicted (a sure sign that the culture isn’t serving them, and sadly doesn’t care).
  • Depression, anxiety, and self-doubt are on the rise (warning bells that something is seriously out of balance culturally – this is not the norm).
  • Conversations have included life and work crisis, the kind that knock you off balance, where you can’t find your ‘footing’ in life, and you feel lost (more common than you might realise).

Courage to Be You is a 12-week deep dive designed to take you step by step through a fun, creative and smart process of re-connecting to your authority, wisdom and purpose. By the end you will have the foundation to confidently walk through life with a series of tools that are uniquely adapted to your life story. 

**The programme covers Cycles of Transformation, how to know where you are, and how to navigate and plan for each part of the cycle.

**You get to find out about Anam Cara – the Celtic for Soul Friend, in other words becoming your own best friend again, to trust your innate intelligence, experience, and inner knowing.

**You get to uncover your Purpose and learn to integrate it and understand it.

**We look at the story of nature and our role as co-creators.

**You get to release blocks and how to work with blocks.

**There is a VIP Day to go deeper on any of the topics covered, or anything else that you find important for your wellbeing and development.

**You find out how Story works and map out your own story to thoroughly engage with your inner life and find that deeper meaning that will sustain you for a lifetime, plus how to put it into practice during the programme and when it finishes.

All this and more will be offered. We will make the journey together, with guidance being the operative word, because you are the expert of your life, not me.

My aim will be to help you rediscover your courage, your wisdom, your confidence and become more empowered and resilient in the process. If you then get knocked off balance by life or circumstances in the future, you will have the tools to get back up and still believe in yourself.

Does this resonate? Would you like to take the next step to know more? Click here for a no obligation Courage to Be You Consultation. I promise this is about making a connection and finding out if we can work together.

You will come away with at least one tool or insight to use straight away and be clear about whether to step forward with me as your guide or not, on the extraordinary journey and gift of your life.