VIP Days

Why choose a VIP Day?

You can achieve a lot in a day focussing on a specific area to gain a specific result. For example:

1. Knowing your Purpose will nail your Big Why. It shifts everything when you know this. Surprisingly, many people do not know their Purpose. This can lead to being unfocussed and unclear about the direction of your life or work. Stepping into your Purpose makes your choices simpler, clearer and ultimately gives a depth of meaning to your life and work.

2. Releasing Imposter Syndrome. This day gives you the opportunity to creatively and practically uncover and face those gremlins that spook and undermine, which can have such a devastating effect on your life. No longer! Expect to release those habits that lead to self-doubt and learn new habits that are more nourishing. Walk away with tools to use immediately.  

3. The Transformation Game is a fantastic tool - a board game that will shift perspective on any issue you may have and give you inspiration, revelation and insight into what to do to make change happen, based on a specific intention you would like to work with (see the link above for further details). This is a fun, practical and awe-inspiring game to play.

Other Benefits:

There is ample opportunity to go through a process, without having to wait till next weeks session comes along. 

You end up with comprehensive steps to take your plans forward.

It gives you the opportunity to dive deeply, and focus on a particular area without the daily interruptions that can distract.

This focussed attention gives you the space you need to be more engaged, and the time needed to allow new ideas to emerge. 

A one-day VIP Day will shorten the hours required to get the powerful result you want.

You can concentrate on following through in one session, and not working here and there, which dilutes the result you would like to achieve. 

It is recommended that you book a FREE Courage to Be You Consultation. That way you can ascertain which area would suit you best, and how working together would be.

Before booking, please answer the questions on this page first. This will assist you to focus on what you want and will assist me to get to know you a bit before we speak. Then please send to: