Your Purpose Matters

Here's why:

**You feel more sure of yourself

**Achieve your aspirations, intentions and work / business goals

**Be an inspiration to those around you

**Be a valuable asset to your organisation, or those you lead

**Have better relationships with others

**Have more clarity about who you are

**Promote yourself and / or your Business because you know yourself well

Three Weeks to uncover or revisit your Purpose and embody it. Along with your values, which are viewed from an inner story perspective that gives more depth and meaning. You will also enjoy a process called Story Mapping, a creative and innovative way to understand your essential life story. This rounds out your Purpose and gives a holistic view on your BIG WHY.

This is a 1-1 Package, which is a fundamental part of the Courage to Be You 12 Week Deep Dive Programme.

Price £485, with a discount when you pay in full.

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