Transformation Game

Playing the game is fun, enlightening and inspirational. It will shift perspective on life and work challenges, by awakening you to hidden, creative and practical solutions.  

For 1- 4 Players, in the style of a half day or full day workshop.

By playing, greater clarity is gained in acknowledging your strengths, and how challenges impact you. This leads to understanding the difficulty you are facing, whilst offering practical steps to change the situation. 

Jane Alexander 

Journalist, Author of The Energy Secret

I was sceptical, to put it mildly. How could a board game possibly sort anybody’s life out? Playing is supposed to give a ‘playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life’.

‘First choose a question that needs answers or insights,’ said Jacqueline. ‘It could be about a personal issue, new possibilities or maybe overcoming stress. The object is to shift your perspective; to show how to make changes in your life.’

I needed careers advice on whether to continue as a journalist. Could the game deliver or would it prescribe fluffy unicorns and whale song? It soon became clear this was no Tiddlywinks.

Jacqueline encouraged us to chip in with thoughts about each other’s cards and game paths. One woman described grief at a bereavement; another was angry at a friend’s betrayal. I was stunned when Jacqueline said we’d been playing for four hours.

Since playing the game my career has — dare I say it — transformed. I’ve landed a book deal, new consultancy work and been asked to co-host retreats. It could all be coincidence, of course, but I’m not so sure. For now, I’m wrapping myself in my cloak of trust, winking at my game guardian angel and counting the days before I can play again.

It has been used for the following issues:

*      Clarifying important personal concerns and worries.

*      Understanding patterns of stress and distress.

*      Changing non-productive habits.

*      Overcoming depression and anxiety.

*      Uncovering, exploring and allowing new possibilities into your life.

*      Resolving interpersonal conflicts.

*      Understanding future aspirations and how to reach them.

*      Gaining a greater emotional understanding of yourself and others.

*      Handling transitions: health, career, financial, marriage or relationships.   

*      Removing blocks to spontaneity, success, and fulfilment.

By playing with a trained facilitator, you get guidance, encouragement and immediate feedback, whilst you play. This deepens the process and offers further insights.

Endorsed by InnerLinks at the Findhorn Foundation as a qualified Transformation Game Facilitator, Jacqueline has personally played the game for over 20 years and been a facilitator of it for 10. 

You can play the game Solo, as a pair or up to 4 people at any one time. Games are also available online. A game will typically last from 4 hours to a weekend. For a weekend workshop, please get in touch, to create a more bespoke experience. 

You can get a group of friends together and pick a date, or you can join a game on the dates offered. To find out how to play, click here.

All games are conducted in the strictest confidence.