Courage to Be You

Often when a life situation occurs and your world comes crashing down, or detours, you can forget or dismiss your inner knowing. Your strengths, abilities and qualities seem to diminish. You can be a in mental and emotional fog, having lost your pathway in life. It can be demoralising, causing huge stress and anxiety.

At these times, that you are way more than a pigeon holed, labelled woman, who has temporarily lost your bearings.

Taking your Courage back is about re-opening the doors of your inner world, to re-affirm and reconnect to your enthralling, never ending story. In doing so, a more purposeful meaning to your life is re-ignited.

Andreea Bradu


Artist, Astrologer, Visionary Communicator

Working with Jacqueline has been a rich and uplifting experience, that inspired me and offered the support I needed. With great wisdom, patience and skill, Jacqueline helped me to see myself more clearly, to access the courage to follow my vision and to create a strong platform on which to build my work profile.

I felt seen in my depth, safe to share myself,  and to accept the place where I was, and start creating from there. She held me throughout with no judgement and no pressure. With firm guidance, focus and a high degree of honesty, she brought integrity to the process. And with her humour, she made the whole experience more fun and enjoyable. I felt clearer in what I needed to do and motivated to do it! I recommend her, whole heartedly! Thank you, Jacqueline for all your ongoing support!  With Love and gratitude, Andreea Bradu

This package is a 1-1 

carefully crafted,

12 week deep dive

It will help you establish a lasting foundation of trust in your innermost self, your higher wisdom, your spirit. It tools and exercises will become a resource in times of challenge and times of ease.

  • Through a process called Story Mapping, you will plot out your inner territory. This powerful tool gives you the who, what and why of your life story. Enabling you to be clearer on your life pathway.
  • You delve into your Purpose, learning to embody it. 
  • Reconnect to Nature. Develop a living breathing relationship with the natural world, through story and exercises. You will become aware of your place in the web of life. 
  • The challenge of having a voice, being visible and releasing fraudulent thoughts and feelings, is a critical part of this package.
  • It will be you who makes the decisions and choices that are aligned to your spirit.  
  • Step by step you build from the inner to the outer, creating a clear pathway of how to live according to your authority. 
  • Included is a VIP half day.  A time to delve into what is emerging for you that you would like to implement in your life. 

Finding your footing again metaphorically and practically, helps to nourish the inner fire that lights you up. By rejuvenating a tired spirit, Courage to Be You is a welcome place to rest, restore and return home to yourself.

And in doing so, you will reclaim your Wisdom. This is made up of life experience, soul intelligence, knowing your gifts, understanding your inner life and taking back your authority. 

And when you have done the necessary work with support and encouragement, it will be your wisdom that lights your pathway, no one else's. That stabilises, transforms, builds confidence and fires you up for living with a deeper meaning and purpose.  

To find out more, and see if this is the next step in your life, do book a free Courage to Be You consultation. Then we can clarify and check if working together is of benefit to you at this moment in time. I look forward to meeting you.