Regaining Confidence in Uncertain Times
using Story Techniques

Regain your Confidence through Story Techniques - Course

You know something, its really hard to get back up once your confidence has been knocked. When it has been really badly knocked, I mean the wind taken out of your sails, on the floor, crying, wondering if you will ever get up again. Or even asking – do I want to? When your confidence is knocked, so is the spirit. Part of regaining confidence is about reconnecting with self-worth, but mostly it’s about connecting with our inner wisdom and authority.

Everyone has their own authority, it’s an inner landscape that is unique to each person.

That’s where the art of Story Making and the techniques of creating a story help enormously. Because through imagination and play, we find a way to get back up again. A way that is ours alone.

This course Regaining Confidence in Uncertain times, answers this apparently elusive landscape. It is a first step back up. It will help you in a safe and respectful way to adventure into the world of story. I guarantee it will have you smiling and being curious.

It will give you space and time to recover, to restore on your own terms, what has been lost. Through the techniques of story-making, you will recover your innate wisdom, which is always lurking. You will be able to start uncovering your inner landscape, reclaim your authority, and learn to trust yourself again.

Why is trusting yourself again important? Because a loss of confidence is often followed by a loss of trust, in self, life, and others. The joy of offering such a course is knowing that it is more than possible to rebuild this inner landscape. To re-magic ourselves back to life.

The main aim of this course is to start the process of rebuilding trust in ourselves and our inner knowing.

Having confidence in our own authority is a huge lift to our self worth and confidence.

It is designed with compassion in mind, play in discovery, and a safe way to explore our vulnerability.

Storytelling techniques are a wonderful way to restore self worth, whilst testing the waters of your confidence. You will re-discover a love of play, along with a way to embody Story in an interactive way. My aim is for you to have fun!

Each person will find and start to recover the roots of their self-confidence.

Each person will be held with deep respect for their perspective and life story.

Regaining Confidence in Uncertain times will give you tools you can call on in life. The course will teach you to start letting go of fear and embrace being visible once again. Here is a synopsis of the course:

Module 1 – Introduction

Review why Story is potent. Some of this will be spoken about, some stories will be told, but mostly, we will share stories that have been meaningful to us and look at why this is so. You will have an overview of why Story works as a healing tool, as well as a tool to empower and restore.

Module 2 – Sitting on the side of the Water

As it sounds, this module is about testing the waters of Story for ourselves. This will involve sharing a favourite story. What aspects of this favourite story resonate? We will look at character, the scene of the story, the theme and the arc of the story. Interviewing the characters to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Sharing in smaller groups. You will uncover the deeper aspects of why the story resonates for you.

Module 3 – Getting up and getting in

Preparation for telling the story. Homework will be to scribble down the skeleton of the whole story. Exercises will be given beforehand to assist. In this module we will start to work with sensing the story. By understanding the role of the senses, silence and placing the story, it will start to live in our minds and become a real landscape. The role of Gatekeepers, Monsters, the Wicked Ones, Guides and Guardians will be studied. What are their roles in the telling of the story?

Module 4 – Reflections in the Water

We will look at challenges and obstacles, what challenges us in our life? What are the lessons? In the story chosen, who are the gatekeepers, monsters, wicked ones and guardians, teachers or guides? If none – we will take licence and make them up. What kind of reflections do they tell us about our own story? In this module, we will review what it means to get up after a knock in your chosen story. You will also learn how to do the same.

Module 5 – Time to Dive in

This module will be about telling your story. There will be some homework before this module. This will be done in smaller groups, then in the larger group. The atmosphere will be a ‘delight in hearing the stories.’ The purpose of this is to step up and tell your story. To experience what that is like and receive non-judgemental feedback. An exercise will be given on the guidelines for doing this. As a group the experience will be reviewed. You will be held safely, with joy for your contribution.

Module 6 – Celebration 

What will you take forward? How will you use what you have learnt? Journal next steps and actions you can take. Celebrate one thing about yourself and one other person and / or the course. Two exercises will be given for embedding this in your body mind. The important reason for finishing with a celebration, is that it is seldom offered or suggested in life. Our culture doesn’t use it, yet it is a fantastic way to reinforce the positive steps you have taken. It is especially important to value who you are and what you have achieved.

Begins January 2021

Price of course – £127 / person / £97 / person working part-time. Anyone out of work, please contact me