My Story

Jacqueline is well placed to support women gracefully, with humour, compassion, and honesty, to regain their sense of worth, especially after a crisis in work or life.

Known as a playful maverick, who inspires and nurtures, Jacqueline deeply understands the complexity of being human.

Her first foray into business was with W H Smith as a consultant. She pioneered innovative courses using Storytelling techniques, with their top-level Managers. She created a programme about understanding Values, Beliefs, and Purpose utilising the power of Story. This was part of a development programme preparing the managers to step up in their careers.

As a well-being practitioner with over 25 years’ experience who has studied massage, counseling, Tibetan Kum Nye exercises to relax body and mind as well as Byron Katies ‘The Work,’ she has helped women transform, relationship issues, being bullied, regaining confidence, learning to let go and relax, as well as to understand the underlying causes of anxiety, that lead to self-doubt and a lack of self-worth. She is also a facilitator of the Transformation Game for 1 – 4 players. This rewarding board game tackles these issues compassionately.

Jacqueline worked closely with the acclaimed founder of the Arrigo Programme, Fiona Arrigo. In her position as a lead therapist and her capacity as P.A. she assisted with all aspects of this highly successful and respected well-being and healing business. Fiona led the field with Stop the World, the first retreat and healing programme in the U.K. The Arrigo Programme has successfully, and continues to deliver change, transformation, and emotional detox for women, men, and couples in a variety of top-end facilities and retreat locations.

As a theatre practitioner with an improvised theatre company, she learned the art and practice of Storytelling. She continues to use this to this day, as a storyteller, speaker, and writer. She has an ongoing practice of this art and it is a foundation for the courses and 1 – 1 work, she offers her clients.

As an advocate of Clarissa Pinkola Estes vast body of material, specifically ‘Women who run with the Wolves,’ ‘The Dangerous Old Woman,’ and ‘Mother Night,’ she uses stories and examples from this extraordinary work to help women understand their mythological journey and psychology. This leads to purpose and peace.

Jacqueline works with top-level Women Managers and Solopreneurs

Her legacy is to re-introduce the wild soul back into society. A remembering of ancient knowledge for modern times, bringing a return to a co-operative relationship with nature. She is inspired by the work of Emerson College, Schumacher College, Chalice Well Gardens, Embercombe, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes and the work of reclaiming the Wild Soul.