My Story

Having been severely bullied as a child at boarding school from the age of 7, I struggled to find myself in surroundings that were strange, with a religion that was black and white in its approach, and parents who were abroad.

However, I never forgot the role Nature played in keeping me balanced. The nest I made, high in the trees at the bottom of the school, was well hidden and became my source of comfort and nourishment. Eventually, I found my courage at the age of 11 and half, by taking brave action to stand up for myself not knowing if it would bring further distress, or free me.


It freed me.

Later in life, I took various leaps of faith, such as leaving a career I disliked, to embark on a life adventure, whose destination wasn't known, but involved travel to France and Spain.

On the way, I found out the missing piece I was searching for was the 'spirit' all of us are, patiently waiting for me to turn and listen inwards.  


That changed everything. I did a lot of inner and outer exploration. 

I discovered that creativity has and still is seen as secondary to science and logic. There is a cultural reason for this. However, on my journey, I realised that creativity's natural intelligence, ability to surprise and therapeutically transform, as well as show up to inspire became a lifelong passion to ensure it is included and not excluded. It is a vital resource we innately have, and you don't have to be an artist to access it.

Realising I wasn't cut out for the mainstream, I trained and worked in the healing arts. After 30 + years I have recovered from severe depression, regained my confidence, trained top managers using Story as a tool for self-reflection, and helped hundreds of women on retreats and in workshops release their doubts and fears to transform their lives.

With all of this life experience, and because I deeply understand not fitting in and wanting to find meaning, I now choose to guide creative women who have become lost, or experienced a serious life challenge, to reconnect with their wisdom and trust themselves to create the necessary steps towards the life they were born to live. 

As a legacy, I consider the role of story, ancient wisdom and our place as guardians on a live planet to be of huge importance to dispel the fear that presently surrounds us. Choosing to believe in the importance of kindness rather than fear, is how I move through life.