About Me Page

About Me Page
Your About Me Page is the place most people get a bit wobbly, sometimes a lot wobbly.

What to say?

How to say it?

Will I say it right?

Who will be reading it?

Who do I want to read it?

I specialise in helping people bring their Story to life. I do this by offering a free course that you can do by yourself online. You can work with me too. It’s entirely up to you. 

To me, it’s an exciting and wonderful thing to see someone open up and recognise their essential story. Whether it’s personal or business-related. Seriously, it’s like watching a flower bloom.  Recognition hits, relating to it makes sense (it’s your story after all) and this positively transforms into natural confidence.

Additionally, when the About Me Page reflects your integrity and values, it brings more vibrancy to your website. Ultimately, it is the basis for your Marketing and Branding.

In my humble opinion, this is the best and most natural way to work with marketing.

Telling it with confidence whilst feeling it really does represent you and reflects your values, philosophy, and skills is a key. Being able to own your story is a big step, but it’s really worthwhile. You can’t go back, why would you want to, because when you step into it, your confidence will soar.

My aims are: 

To ensure it isn’t another marketing ploy leaving you feeling uncomfortable. To be frank, if it did that, it wouldn’t work anyway. It would stick out a mile as a false story.

Knowing you can wholeheartedly speak about your business with delight, whilst attracting the right people to you, is essential. It does work like this – You, Your Customers, and the Bridge that unites you both is the story you tell.

Your story will reveal essential components about you, your values, and what’s important in your business.
Getting you unstuck, moving from “I don’t know what to say” to “That’s really me.”
Realising you have a powerful story that resonates with your customers and clients.

Whatever your particular unease is with marketing, this course will show you

  • How natural marketing can be
  • Where the branding comes from in your story
  • That the best marketing of your business comes from you
  • When and where to use story in your business
  • And give you the power and confidence back, to market well and wisely

Though for some people finding the right words to convey who you are, and what you do, without compromising your integrity can be a tough ask, which is where my storytelling skills step in to help you.

All by using Story Telling techniques and practical business tools. Simple!

Bottom line – this is about enhancing you and your business story wisely. That means your marketing methods don’t get compromised, and neither do you. Read more about the course here…