Your Story and the Vein of Gold

The purpose of Story is to engage and communicate

The vein of Gold refers to the moment you connect with the essential Story that is in you.

What does this mean? 

Everyone has themes, archetypes, and values, and from that stems a storyline and an ethos. Who you are, impacts your work and life. Uncovering and discovering the kind of story you are telling yourself and others is vital, to make sure it’s your Vein of Gold and not the truth of another, or a set of collected beliefs from the culture you are in.

How our lives run, whether that’s smoothly or with a lot of challenges, is a complex weave with inherited cultural beliefs, and experiences that shape us, the context of where we live, and therefore becomes the story we tell ourselves and others. It makes sense to get to know the story that is underneath your skin.

The fact is, Stories are Who we are.

Our essential self requires meaning. A way to understand and discover the world. Part of our life journey is to uncover that meaning. For some, this will be essential, for others less so, and for others, the deeper meaning simply isn’t relevant.

Finding that inner story we are living, and fully owning it, means we can take charge of our pathway, even though we may not know how it will turn out. Your essential story can be tapped into by looking at your values, vision and purpose.

Reflecting upon your core story, and how it impacts your work and life, is a way to evaluate how much you own your story. As you live your life, it is the narrative that is unfolding and when it’s an uncomfortable one, we can either choose to change it, live with it, or let it consume our natural integrity. This last pathway is the most damaging.

This is also why so much time is given to self-development work to understand what blocks us and what ignites us as people. Then you can start to evaluate how that impacts the work you do and the way you live or want to live.

if you are in business or have your own business, you don’t have to bring in personal details unless that is an essential part of your work. Understanding the key components of your story, the values behind it and what drives you to do what you do, then how to tell it well, is a skill that can be learned.

Understanding the Power of Story for Work and Business

The power of Story is a perfect way to do this. Knowing how to tell your Story is a vital key to speaking, writing and spreading the word about your luscious business, or your particular area of expertise. The wise use of Story in marketing terms is not to create a manipulative “Come make friends with me, then buy, buy, buy.”

It is about discovering your core story, and then building upon that to create an irresistible invitation, that will get you noticed naturally. 

Understanding the Power of Story in your Personal Life

Whether you are in business, have a career, or going through a life change and looking for a more enlivening way to add meaning to who you are, understanding the power of your Core Story can help you develop a personal sense of deep satisfaction. This will translate into all you do, who you relate with and how you relate with them. You can consciously release the blocks that hold you back and build upon the areas that make you feel stronger, wiser, and more joyful or peaceful.

The Vein of Gold is your core story, which when successfully understood, will pave the way to a strong and vibrant marketing message, a more wholesome way to speak about yourself in respectful terms, and a deeper connection to what is true for you in your life.