The A – Z of Harvesting your Business Story

Now, whilst this title might sound a little odd, it isn’t when you are searching out the best bits of your business story. The best bits also mean the hard times, the times you ‘failed’ as well as the times you came through with flying colours.

All are a part of your business story, and all have a place in the telling and the growth of your business.

Harvesting your business Story is about uncovering the various chapters that make up a compelling narrative.

Here is my suggested A – Z (or points 1 – 26 list)


  1. First ideas and thoughts about the business
  2. Your first year in Business
  3. The names of your products and services and the story behind each of them
  4. Tough moments and what you learned. Additionally how the business improved because of that.
  5. Fantastic highs and what you learned
  6. Clients personal stories or case histories
  7. Partners you have worked with and why
  8. Staff, suppliers, your team, or anyone who helps you with the business
  9. Look back historically at significant dates in your business growth (even if the business is in its first steps)
  10. Each significant date tells a story, so outline each date and what happened
  11. Why you do what you do
  12. Why you serve whom you serve
  13. My clients teach me all kinds of things – name them.
  14. Quirky anecdotes about the business or personalities involved (do get permission).
  15. Interesting or little-known facts about yourself – hobbies, habits, holidays
  16. Tender or sad moments, but use this wisely. Perhaps it reveals your humanness, or a value you hold dear, or when you went the extra mile.
  17. Business tips: specialty knowledge, what you have learned, and pass on.
  18. Your Expertise and Knowledge: sector of the industry or business you are in, years in business (include work as an employee, volunteer because it all counts)
  19. What the sector needs in the future – what is the vision for your business? How will it answer that?
  20. Your legacy – what are you building for future generations?
  21. The About Me Page – lots of room for your story and building credibility
  22. Challenges and how you recovered from them
  23. The Service you deliver and why it matters to your clients
  24. Your values and how they work in your business. Tell us how they benefit your clients
  25. Your Mission and your Purpose
  26. Being yourself – no masks, no business speak, just plain honest wholehearted you (authenticity always speaks louder, especially when backed up by action).

So there you have it – the A – Z or 1 – 26 points of Harvesting your Business Story. There will be more areas, such as finance (yes you can make a great story out of finance – just ask me), marketing, of course, systems and more. Surprise yourself with the hidden gems in your business. There are always great stories lurking. Happy Harvesting!

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Kevin - 8 July 2020

Great list here for your business story, how long would this make your story? I often wonder whether they are too short or too long if i was to incorporate all 26 elements or is it a case of picking and choosing which you want in there?

    Jacqueline - 20 July 2020

    Thank you Kevin – great question. The list is a guide. You could use it several ways. One way would be to look at your business story and decide to cover all points over a period of time. In effect turn it into a strategy. Or you could review your business story and choose the most relevant points that you think would improve that story or add aspects you hadn’t considered to refresh it. Too long implies it needs to be broken down into chapters. But then you have the makings of a book too! it’s versatile and flexible. Hope that helps.

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