The Story Cycle

Today, I thought I would post an easy reference to the Story Cycle. Simply put its in a picture format. As my more recent posts on the nature of Creativity and the creative cycle continue, you will find this infographic is a useful pointer for the process. It’s an established step by step method to describe the accepted story arc.


Not only is the Story Cycle used in the process of crafting stories for films and books, but it is also used in Business to harvest the narrative of that business. It is a step by step summary to ensure your business story will engage your clients.

The terminology may seem a little weird 

As in why would you be resurrecting a client? And why would you look at yourself or your client as an enemy? No, it doesn’t mean that. What the cycle refers to is the process of where your client is now (ordinary world) to where they want to be.

  • The call to adventure means they begin to realise they need to do something in their business.
  • Then, usually a refusal of the call refers to an initial denial they need to do something (we all know that one).
  • Meeting the Guide – that’s you by the way, in your client’s story.
  • Therefore, it follows that crossing the threshold means accepting a review of the situation and facing facts.
  • In Tests, Enemies and Allies, the client meets the challenges that need to be faced.
  • The metaphor in approaching the Innermost Cave, describes the moment that secrets and wisdom are revealed. The quest is laid out for the work of transformation to be successful.
  • Furthermore, the ordeal is really about following the steps from the Guide (that’s you remember) and working through it. I think ordeal is a bit strong. It’s not something I would use to describe a process. By now, hopefully you are getting the picture. It’s about the hard work required to change a situation (with support).
  • Thus, the reward. Hurray, the result is what happens because of the change that has occurred.
  • The Road Back, returning to the business, renewed and revitalised with plans, a new perspective, and a proven strategy.
  • Resurrection – I think this says it all. The business is revived. The Story Cycle is complete.


Download it! Keep it by your side as a reference forevermore, if you so wish!

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