The Intervention of Wisdom – Abduction of Creativity (4)

As we continue with our journey around the psyche in 6 posts, here in this series is the moment when an intervention occurs. The intervention of a guide in a story, is a point of change.

In our lives, in the context of creative abduction, this can occur after a time of numbness and exhaustion, disbelief, or grief. Here comes the coach, the doctor. Our sisters, brothers, children, friends, and our partners help us. They change the mood. Wake us up out of our slumber, so we start to resurface.

This is what occurs with Demeter

The little Goddess Baubo appears. She is the female goddess of obscenity. Meaning outside of the accepted norm. This goddess dances this way and that and lifts her skirts. At first Demeter looks. She is torn apart by not finding Persephone and can’t see. Baubo continues to dance. Slowly Demeter begins to smile. Then the little goddess starts to tell ribald jokes, the kind that women share with women. Demeter’s smile increases, despite her exhaustion. Eventually, she breaks into laughter. This laughter is the medicine. When it comes out, it is unbridled and releasing. It starts to restore life.

In life this breaks the crisis, clears the numbness of depression,

to cease dwelling in a stuck place

At this point another Goddess appears. Hecate is a witch, but she is one who is sacred. She is a medial woman. A medial woman crosses between inner and outer worlds. She walks between the rational and irrational. Between light and dark, the polarities of life. Hecate as a medial woman knows each of these polarities intimately.

Ask the right questionHecate knows the most important question to ask:

“Who took your daughter?”

This shifts Demeter’s perspective. It is not something she has thought about. Hecate continues by saying,

“Let’s ask Helios, the Sun. He sees everything.”

When they speak with Helios, sure enough Demeter finally finds out the critical information that Persephone is in the underworld with Hades. She is profoundly liberated and uplifted by this news.

The lesson here is about introducing an element that changes our inertia. Doing so, by having our viewpoint move to a different facet, we become unstuck. Baubo offers that release. Hecate takes it further. That is what is represented here.

Hecate, the wise guide

With the introduction of Hecate, you have the wise guide. She who travels between worlds and knows the hidden places. Therefore, she also knows the right question to ask. The right course of action to take. This is where wisdom steps in to assist with changing our stuckness.

People such as coaches, a parent, friend, a child can shift the mood. Situations can change us, from a party to a walk in moonlight. Reading a good book that has been recommended. Being by the sea, where the rhythm and flow of the water can interrupt our thoughts. Anything that assists our wisdom to move in the right direction, is the right tool.

The End of the Search

With the understanding of what actually happened, Demeter’s search ends. So too for us. We grasp that there is something in the psyche, not just in ours, but in everyones.  It is the devourer. This dark presence wants to capture the light of the creative function, to take it and destroy it. To hide it away. That’s all that complex knows. Creativity languishes in its domain.

Our job is to rescue and revive it. Without fear we are to be guardians of that precious part of our nature. To protect it from future attacks.

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

When a person is badly depressed, traumatised, beaten by life, sick, or out of balance mentally, you can say that this destroyer of the creative function has captured the life force. Whether this is an outer situation, or person that has contributed to its demise, or an inner imbalance.

When the creative force is held captive in the underworld, or unconscious, we are trapped, unable to grow. Now the question becomes, how do I restore it? What needs to happen to restore Persephone and ourselves to full life?

That is the next stage of the Abduction of Creativity. Learning what you need to learn to bring yourself back to life.

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