The Abduction of Creativity (3) – The Artists Search

See yourself as the Artist!

You are the creator of your life and you are designing it as you go, whether you realise it or not. The Artist’s search is a way of saying that now is a time of inquiry. It is time to look for answers. It’s about sniffing out the new, the old, and the unknown.

In the Story of Persephone, Demeter her mother goes in search of her daugther.

She doesn’t know, at this stage, of the deal between Hades and Zeus. Demeter is unaware that her daughter has been abducted. She starts her search.

She searches high and low.

Demeter is seeking out Persephone, so she goes under, behind, and around.

The Search

.. and she looks in caves with torches.

Lowering herself into wells …

and looking out to sea, searching for signs, anything.

Searching in the forests…

… looking for a thread on a twig, she looks to find something that would tell her that her beloved child has passed this way.

Isn’t that what we do in our lives when something goes awry?

We look high and low or get lost in things of distraction.

When you are in full flow of a creative act, and suddenly out of nowhere, the energy drops, 

You come to a full stop. In surprise you may well panic over what has happened.

And if it is in grief for what has been lost, you may stumble from this thing to that thing, uncaring and unthinking.

At some point, in exhaustion, you may ask what on earth do I do?

This is like the abduction of Persephone, the abduction of creativity. There is no trace of the previously vibrant part of you that was fully present. That part has disappeared and you don’t know where it’s gone, or there is no reason to go and find it. The muse is lost.

The search begins

Like a writer who has lost their thread, time be will be spent in preparing their writing space making it feel right. In panic they throw out every piece of rubbish, review every old receipt. Pencils get sharpened. Buying a new writing book suddenly makes sense. That will surely make a difference.

In so doing, they cover miles and miles of time and space

Putting off

Or searching for that elusive spark of inspiration …

Wondering if life is worth living?

What is lost, is inside the unconscious of the person. To regain it, they need to take the torch to the unconscious. Then like Demeter start to search in the caves of their psyche.

To do so may be hard, the terrain difficult to move through, but the journey itself is what starts the creative juices flowing.

It is the journey itself that starts to revitalise and renew. I love this saying. It’s from Clarissa Pinkola Estes, ‘The Creative Fire,’ that this series of posts is inspired by. She says,

“Whatever you are searching for, that one is searching for you too.”

Now that is a liberating and reviving thought. The one you are looking for, is looking for you. It is a message of hope. It opens a doorway. Though, it may not be found where you thought it would be.

An Artists search

The search is an unending one, our lives are a never stop learning adventure. That is a magnificent opus to be on. My prayer is that we treat our lives with such distinction, honour, and devotion.

We are as works of art continually in the making. To learn that this is normal, that the adventure of creation and evolution never stops, is a liberation.

Remember, the Artist means whoever creates

As said in a previous post this is the scientist, the teacher, the business person, child, teenager, painter, crafter, parent, writer, poetess, builder. Anyone who creates is an Artist. So that means all of us. From here on in, I bless you with seeing yourself as an Artist of your life.

May you be blessed with the foresight of knowing, when your creativity dries up. When inspiration leaves home. Or you don’t know what else to do. Know that’s the time to search the rich inner territory of your unconscious self. Stop looking for ‘it’ in outer distractions. They will only waste your time and energy and leave you dissatisfied.

Just start the journey!

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