The Abduction of Creativity (2) – El Duende

When the simple is often suspect, and the rustic is looked upon as not sophisticated.
Where things that are lively are down played, so as not to be curative or too wonderful, that can be said to be the abduction of creativity.

How to follow the impulses and broadcasts that we feel deep inside ourselves, is the key to our eccentricities and those eccentricities are also our gifts. Those gifts relate to our truest selves, but we don’t trust them. The overculture or society has weaned us off our natural inner resources.


Our barren sophistication

From your vital self, the inner richness of who you are is often seen as vacuous and not important enough. That kills the creative spirit. That kills meaning and gives rise to the false gods of consumer worship, celebrity status, and plastic surgery for young girls to enhance themselves. It’s misplaced sanity.

An education that doesn’t include inner dialogue and reflection leaves a barren gap. When a holistic viewpoint of the world is dismissed in favour of our so-called dominance over nature (ie the pandemic, we must win this war). The ignorance of this is astounding in its implications. Because it means that society has totally lost touch with its place in the ecosystem.

Nature is separate and too beaten, not collaborated with. Not being in tune with the cycle of life, of the seasons. This kills off our natural connection to the ecosystem. Then we can treat it how we wish, as there is no sense of equality and consequence in our interaction.

You know a society is unbalanced and insane when it does this

These are all ways we kill off the spirit and the playful side of our nature. Our natural curiosity and inquiry allows us to take imaginary leaps, and go beyond what we thought we knew. Or it makes us stop and take the time to look around, to see beyond the 9-5.

The Spark of Life

But, there is a remedy and that is an ember inside us that cannot be put out. In wood that has seemingly lost its fire there is a tiny spark that can be fanned back into a flame, with a gentle breath.

This element, this spark of life, that lies at the centre of consciousness has been there since the time we were born, and the time we were as children. No matter the difficulties we face, it is always there, waiting to be fanned back to life. You see, you can reduce someone to ashes, but they have the power to rise again because of their spirit, their spark, their ember.

El Duende – The spirit of Evocation

This ember at the center of our psyche is a mystical substance that is called El Duende, the animating principle, the many cornered self. As said above, the eccentric part. It’s a way of living that follows all the shapes, curves, and textures of your psyche.

El Duende is the breath itself of the creative life. It is our Spirit.

You can’t capture or tame it

It can’t be extracted, but this unseen force can cut to the centre of the matter or fill the person with words that inspire and heal. Neither can it be put into a person. It is a beingness that is always there. Some are born with the knowledge of it and some of us, chase it.

If you attempt to tie it down it will wither and if you use it without replenishing, it will retreat. That is the nature of this mysterious force.  El Duende is the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry 

El Duende needs tending like a garden. It’s our natural ecology, or way of being. It’s the creative cycle that is also our nature. It is the unending cycle of beginning, growth, harvesting, death, and rebirth.

When this cycle has been interfered with so that it doesn’t work in the right way. When someone has had a wounding in their life, of trauma, of interruption, of change that conflicts with their natural self, that twists the cycle. It doesn’t work as it could.

Re-igniting – As the description of the ember says – it is a spark that cannot go out. It can be fanned back into life. It can be nourished to turn into a flame with a gentle breath and material added to the flame to encourage the growth of warmth and fire.

Replenishment when tired, proper rest, reflection, forest baths, tending a garden, drawing (even if you can’t, everyone can draw), without prejudice or criticism, writing words, baking bread, being with your children. Taking time out in nature, to see its magnificence. All these fan the spark into a flame.

Acknowledging and playing with your eccentricities. Enjoying them out loud. Recognising the gifts in them. This fans the flame back to life. These are small examples of how to re-ignite your fire of creativity.

May El Duende rise up in you and may you never recover!