My 30 Day Blogging Transformation

Day one, I knew that when I had started it before, I had given up around day 15

At that time, life circumstances had loomed over me, and without support, trying to get a business started plus do a 30 Day Blogging Challenge was proving too difficult. I realised that something had to give. It was the business and the Blogging challenge that gave way. 

This time aroundm however

I had more time. Though, was a little anxious I would not get there again. However, as the challenge drew to a close, my feet were dragging. It was quite deliberate. I didn’t want it to end. And it won’t. Of the many, many takeaways from this 30 Day Blogging Transformation, one major factor is, that it’s created momentum for writing. Here is my review.

1. Hor’s Oeuvres

Writing every day is like learning to cook a gorgeous feast. Organising the ingredients before starting the prep. Then cooking. The discipline of writing, thinking and forming my topics, became a natural prep time. The action of it was the cooking. It helped to create a writing muscle. Now I don’t want to stop. At the beginning it was more like “Are we there yet?” Not now.

2. Second Breakfasts (a compliment to the Hobbits)

For a 30 day Blogging transformation, sometimes a second brain was needed. Some of the challenges required further digestion. A few of the challenges were a stretch. Some I have had to leave for my next steps. Not because they are too hard or awful. Precisely the opposite. They are brilliant (the Buyers Guide – day 29 – ooph – that’s a bonus). They simply require some thought and blocked out time to do the exercise justice.

3. Desserts

I can on occasion eat my dessert before my mains. It’s deliciously decadent to do. I found nice touches and sweet surprises along the way.

  • Topics for the 30 days
  • Then there were the Headlines
  • Heart opening paragraphs
  • And outlines

The Outlines came just in the nick of time. My long handwriting efforts were becoming over indulgent indigestion. Outlines are the best.

Then, lovely Titbits to Munch on

Who can forget Calls to Action, so easy to do. Yet so easy to ignore in the beginning, when you don’t know their superpower. Plus the 10 things you didn’t know about me (still love the childhood sweethearts point from Sarah and Kevin – gorgeous).

Images, Photo’s, Canva, Online pictures

Did I mention images? Love Canva – after a cruel and difficult start, problems with uploading and a slow computer, which made for a frustrated Jacqueline, it was fab to get infographics, logo’s and labels sorted. Finding photos was a delight as well as a faff on occasion. I nearly abandoned posts, several times, because of not finding the right images.

The developing skill is choosing what’s best for the topic, and what you want the post to achieve

Tips, tips, and nothing but the tips

My Yoast SEO and readability check isn’t going to like that sub-heading. I don’t care, I am sticking with it. I love Yoast though as another blogger suggested, sometimes the argument between me and the app got a little heated. My style or the SEO style? Sometimes you must make a judgment call for the sake of the post, in favour of your style.

The tips and tools along the way are a rich resource, introduced at just the right time for you to take onboard. This alone will be a blogging bible for me, as I review each challenge again. Nearly stuffed, there is of course the main course to talk about.

The Main Course

The content, the strategic overview of Blogging, and the increase in my confidence have been a growth curve. Sarah and Kevin show you by example what to do and how to create interesting, enriching and educational posts, alongside their in-depth content, tips and tools.

The Blogging Challenge sales are not overly overt. Though they are definitely present

I found myself smiling at the positioning of the various items for sale in the challenge. I smiled because they are well placed, clear. You find yourself clicking on them quite naturally to find out more. All relevant and valuable. This is mastery in marketing. 

My confidence has increased 10-fold

I feel like I am digesting a rich feast. One that keeps on giving. I know that I am at the start of something exciting. I feel that I have the knowledge and the ability to step forward into the world of online work, with an excellent structure to support me.

Do I recommend this challenge?

What? You didn’t get that yet? It is worth it for all the reasons above and more. This is a creative, efficient and effective challenge. It really gets the job done. Persistence does pay off, but to put it in perspective, each email is a little gem. That gem turns into a gold mine in the challenge of that day.

The rewards come at the end of each post, at the end of the week, and towards the finish line too. Deffo worth it. It’s a cornucopia of excellence.

Time and Resources 

I know I would like to invest the time to create more posts and infographics. To research images and review the whole blogging challenge again. Those are key points.

And, although half complete, I must go back to cut and paste all the links from each challenge post. That way, I will have a handy reference in my excel spreadsheet. Added to that, the tools that were suggested (I have bought a couple already), will be reviewed, as part of my next steps.

I want to review the strategy of blogging 

That’s on my to-do list and the need to go back a second time to review the blog posts. Of equal importance will be the on-going development of my writing voice. The whole Story genre needs an update and will be something to chew over. Whilst the power of personal stories has become particularly interesting, I have also discovered a love of curating. I get a real buzz out of it.

As for the other bloggers on the journey with me 

There was such a broad section from Business, Spiritual, Food, Daddies and lockdown.

Each inspired me!

Apocalypse Daddy journeys into lockdown with a four-year-old, Excellent read, howl out loud funny and deeply human.

Cindy Fox – Home at Hearth and Beyond. From short cheery posts to bread making to animal care and personal stories. All kinds of fascinating ideas for health, well-being and sustainable living.

Satwinder Sagoo an honest look at business, great energy and a true champion.

Regina Byrne Coaching real conversations at work. Honest, open, knowledgeable and appealing.

And the food blogs – pray that you have wonderful cooks to tickle your taste buds as we did. Who could forget the delightful:

Wordsmith Kaur  – Cook and copywriter. She got me with the fluffy pancakes, paniyaram, and chilli chips amongst other delights.

Honourable mentions go to:

Sarah Charmley – The Creative Writer

The Superb Alice Elliot of the Commenting Club

And finally, last but not least, Vaishakhi Bharucha – Lego will never be the same again.

And to you, whoever you are. If you enjoyed this lengthy round-up of a journey through 30 days of Blogging and are tempted. Do join up, and grow yourself, your writing muscles and your Business.

Thank you, Sarah and Kevin! Over but not out.


Hi there… well its my pleasure to mention you here. I enjoyed your posts. Made me laugh and what a human insight. Be happy to keep in touch.
All the best, Jacqueline

Apocalypse Daddy

Oh wow, if I inspired you just a little then this whole thing has been a success, thank you for the shout out. I and a lot of others can relate to the things you learned over 30 days. Sometime the ideas are there when you wake up, other days there is nothing until an idea at 10 pm and you have to put bed off and write. Woul dlove to know how you get on going over all the posts.


Sarah, you are most welcome! The honourable mention was because I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing too. You are going on my feedly list.


Jacqueline, thank you for such a gorgeous post and the honourable mention! I have loved reading your posts and look forward to following you on the next step of your blogging journey. Sarah x

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