Isn’t it all about the Customer’s Story Jacqueline?

Well everyone will tell you that it is

My experience in working with women who aren’t sure about their stories, is that the start of their customer’s story comes from the business owner first. 

A chap I was on a course with run by the fabulous Mary Hykel Hunt (she is a gold mine of business and life experience) said,

“If you want to know where the problems of the business stem from, look at the business owner. It always stops there.”

Why did he say this?

After 30 years running his own successful hairdressing business, he knew that the foundation for success and the rise of problems, lay with the person who makes all the decisions. He went on to say that, from his own experience, he recognised his lack of skills, or an attitude that held him back directly related to a good or bad business decision.

We probably all know this. When your back is against the wall and the pressure is on, if you don’t have clarity and a solid inner foundation to call upon, it is likely that your decisions will go awry.

Customers Story


What can we take from this?

When it comes to looking at your business story for example, my suggestion is to start with the About Me Page. It’s about building a bridge between you and your customer. This is where your collective story merges.

But, if you aren’t secure in your own story, how on earth can you convey to your potential customer what it is you do? How can you even hear their story, if you are still figuring yours out?

The About Me Page, gets the ball rolling. It is the backbone of who you are. Creating a Story Profile that brings together various aspects of your life, ethos and business ideals, is what will create that strong foundation.

If you want a strong relationship or to build excellent relationships with your audience
Know yourself first

You are the first Hero / Heroine in the story journey. Your About Me page will create a bridge for your marketing. It starts to reveal not only your personality, great relationship building starts with that, but also your skills and experiences can be shared. Show yourself off. Be true to you.

Once this foundation is in place, I suggest you live with it for a while
Chances are, it will morph as you fully step into your story

This is a crucial step. Do this first before you can be the guide that steps in and solves the problems that your customers need help with. They are now the leading lights in the overall story. They have become the Hero / Heroine.

Customers Story

Owning your Story

This is knowing your products and services well. How will you deliver them? How will your customers or clients want to hear about them? Being secure in this as well, is part of your overall Story Profile. Now you are piecing together a fuller picture. Your marketing will be starting to take shape.

Then we look at the Telling part. To tell well, you need to listen well. Rule no 1

This is where the niching stuff comes in. Now you are in the act of building a bridge between you and your customer. What do you need to know about them? How does your product serve their needs? How does your story match their story? What is their story?

During this process – which I call – Know, Own and Tell your Story with Verve and Vitality, the creation of your marketing through storytelling has reached its full cycle.

It’s not the end of the road by any means 

What you have created is the foundation for your marketing strategy, your marketing story, your customer profile and your engaging ongoing story with each other. You will have many chapters to your story as your business grows and you grow as a person.

And what if you hit those inevitable roadblocks, issues and inner attitudes?

Now you have the knowledge to return to your foundation and ask some simple questions. Do I need more or different resources? Would outsourcing solve the issue? What attitude change do I need to make or what skills should I focus on to increase the service and the value I am delivering?

Your story will support you, all-ways.