Pick my Brain – or How to work with me

Getting to be a Story Mentor

That’s what I do. Behind this how to work with me, lies a story. That began with the Theatre Company I worked in,  ‘The Festival of Fool’s.’ It was improvised theatre. Less whose line is it anyway, more like, whole plays. This meant everyone learned the lines, then anyone could play the parts, at any time! Totally Foolish. How to work with me

This was a huge learning curve on many fronts:

  • How to take space
  • Learning to be able to receive and give
  • Listening to ‘the empty space’ 
  • Patience and leaping in on an intuitive hit
  • Taking centre stage
  • Being the supportive player that pops in and out
  • Storytelling in the moment
  • The power of story for an audience, and as an actor
  • Making mistakes, which turned into a play
  • Being part of a troupe, listening deeply and openly
  • Maturing into taking care of myself

My background as a Catering Manager taught me about working with people to get the best out of them. Creating and hosting events. Dealing with daily problems – you never knew what the day would bring. It taught me flexibility, along with:

Being there for my staff.

Taking responsibility

Learning to make decisions based on a situation

And leading a team of people amongst many other skills

Going into the world of business

I have worked with companies large and small on their story, or the use of story in training situation, harvesting the historical memoirs of organisations, and working deeply 1-1 with clients, to change their business from nothing happening to full blown success with the power of their new story.

My investment in the knowledge of marketing

Over a 10 year period, this has been a considerable amount of time and investment, taking various courses and practices, including a previous venture called Kickstart your Business. The Story element has always appealed. But whilst at college, a natural talent for marketing emerged.

It was our group who won the prize that year. We won because the marketing section was ‘innovative, clear and would work.’ Guess who did the marketing section? That’s right – me.

Through learning Meditation and studying Tibetan Buddhism

I discovered a rich inner life. By attending a Counseling and a Shamanic healing course (yes I did do that), I deepened my understanding of human nature. I now live by the understanding of that deeper life, using that knowledge in subtle, and not so subtle ways. It depends upon the client’s needs.

Lastly, I have taken courses in StoryAutobiographical Storytelling at Emerson College, Forest Row, worked with the Story Coach Lisa Bloom, and I am a practicing Storyteller. Presently, I am researching and investigating different ways of telling real-life stories. If you are interested in this side of things – contact me here for a free call.

How to work with me for free

If you like the sound of my background and think this is a good time to learn more about my work and what I do, then firstly, go to the posts I have created. Read them, and take away the tips, advice, and perspective as it suits you.

Vision and Values

These are a part of the foundation of your story. I will be offering part of the Values section for free, namely, finding your core Values. Without this key foundation, you can’t build a story profile. The story profile is necessary to create the building blocks for your marketing.

Low-Cost Offer – The About Me Page

People get confused about the content of this page and what that needs to be in it. This course will take the myth out and put the practical tools in. That will be without my direct input and it isn’t for free, as the subtitle suggests.

If you need to learn a specific aspect of Story

Or would like a bespoke answer, then you can book a session with me here. I would be delighted to have a conversation with you to see how my skills would match your needs.

There we have it. How to work with me 101. Oh and you might like this little, What’s Story in Business all about infographic. Simply click on the picture, and do a save as, and view later. Pick my Brain Page


Thank you Regina, glad you enjoyed the snapshots. Yes, often it was swinging without a safety net. Festival of Fools was thrilling and frightening at the same time.

Regina Byrne

Really interesting and love how you have described the different aspects of your life. Fabulous learning from the Festival of Fools – sounds so interesting and brave.

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