Know your Story to Engage Your Audience

The purpose of Story is to engage

I call the Story you carry in you the Vein of Gold. It refers to the moment you connect with your essential Story. Your story has many chapters. Due to the fact you have lived a life, had experiences, and gone through many changes.

Know your Story is the first step in creating fab marketing content. In particular, whether you realise it or not, your story will have your values, your vision and be the source of your passion. It works for:

1. People wishing to re-engage and re-enliven their business

2. Women Business owners who want to connect to their clients or customers in a way that reflects their integrity. If this is you, you will love this approach. It stays true to who you are and what you believe in.

3. It works if you are in the position of re-branding too. Reflecting on this aspect of your foundation will be crucial to your success in re-storying your business.

The power of Story’s techniques

Will enable you to get to grips with telling a powerful story about your business. Not just one story either. It’s a foundation stone. There are other steps to take to harvest further stories. Know your Story is a golden key to spreading the word about your luscious business, your area of expertise, and the product you promise to deliver.

“Jacqueline showed me how to include the key points that mattered and to cut back on material that didn’t. She helped me accept and own my story on paper, rather than shy away from it.

This has helped me feel more confident about what I offer people in my therapy practice. At the same time, being okay about specialising in areas that I have both a personal and professional experience in.

I am grateful for Jacqueline’s help and found her to be warm, open, friendly, insightful and inquisitive into finding the places inside of me, that needed to be expressed on the page.

Kay Dayton

What does it Mean to Know your Story in a Business sense?

There are underlying themes in our life story. There are values that we consider important and the core values are the foundation point for our lives. Without those core values, life essentially has little meaning for us.

In addition, Your Story Works specifically looks at not only the key areas of Values and Vision but also asks some deeper questions to find out the important metaphors in your life. This helps to assess the life themes that are important for you. Chances are high that they are already reflected in your Business.

The question is – are they hiding or are they celebrated in plain sight and enjoyed?

When you are hiding, so is your Business, as a result, there is less chance of being found by your audience and therefore starting a natural rapport. If you are celebrating your Story, then it means you are comfortable sharing it. Your brand and marketing will reflect well.

Whether your business is service oriented, or product oriented, you can make knowing your story into an enjoyable experience

A word here to the wise in the use of Story. In marketing terms, it isn’t about creating any form of manipulation or guerrilla tactics (totally off-putting). or to use marketing spin.

That’s old news

It is about encouraging, uncovering and discovering your essential story. Then building upon that to create a unique and irresistible invitation for your customers to engage with you.

The aim, of course, is that they want to buy what you have to offer!

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