Vision Part 2 – A Strong Vision Step Process

This is also another reason why Visioning is a great tool. It engages your unconscious mind which is a visual, symbolic realm. As far as it’s concerned, it’s happening now, so it’s real.

Steps to creating a strong Vision

  • Know your long-term goal or intention
  • Know your values and ethos
  • Allow it to be just out of reach, but not so far it’s impossible
  • Check if it’s realistic.
  • Make sure its big, colourful and energising
  • Ask does it motivate me?
  • Who do you need to bring on board to carry it out?

The ways to bring this to life are simple, but will require some reflection time, followed by planning, then an action plan.

  1. Use a Vision Board – taking pictures, using testimonials, using magazines for words and pictures.
  2. Have a time-line – is this 1, 3, 5 years?
  3. Physically map it out on the floor in steps.
  4. Get interviewed – either yourself or someone else ask the questions.
  5. If you like the use of affirmations, symbols – you can post them on the vision board, and have them round your office or at home to remind you.
  6. Write a Leadership Credo – manifesto
  7. Write a Vision Statement.
  8. Visualise this everyday follow the lead of top athletes, authors and creatives.

Taking Action on the Vision

Watch this snippet of Jim Carrey’s famous story about his $10 million dollar cheque and then what Oprah says after that clip – equally important.

Carrey at the end of the conversation does say, “You don’t visualise it, then go eat a sandwich.” Oprah later tells the audience that,

“If you can see it and believe it, it’s a lot easier to achieve it.”

She goes on to say that people who live in the space of wanting it – but resisting it, this as you can imagine sets up a barrier. This is what our inner story does to us. The limiting beliefs that keep us held back.

Oprah suggests that instead of the resistance, “it’s the writing it, seeing it, visualising it for yourself, then letting it go. But moving in the direction of walking towards it.

And she continues by saying, “Nothing happens at first, but it’s the process over time, with the effort and energy you put into a thing, that the energy comes out.”

But the key here is seeing it! What vision for you and your business do you see and believe in?