Mindfulness Marketing – Seriously?

I have seen talk about Mindfulness in Marketing. Hmmm … not impressed, so far. because it’s about using the term to make marketing seem more sexy, up to the minute, more spiritual and switched on in that way.

If you have embarked on a course of meditation study, you would understand it’s not only about creating inner space, being stress free and having a clear mind – those are the bonuses.

It’s certainly not about capitalising on the word mindfulness

Then using it to create the same old marketing junk food, as dished out by The Business of Media. Sorry folks, when I read the article and saw how it was completely misusing the term mindfulness, it appalled me. It was the same marketing spiel, just using those terms, with no respect for what mindfulness means.

No, no, no, it’s much more than a marketing concept


I love the following except from Jack Petrankers course – he is a senior student of Tarthang Tulku, a Tibetan Lama whose extraordinary vision and life-times work has been about making the ancient teachings of Tibet available for Westerners, without the religious trappings. Jack explains:

‘Full presence mindfulness takes you beyond the self. It opens the door to a world of wonder – a new outlook on life. Because there’s more to life than self-improvement.’

Don’t you just love that?

There’s more to life than self-improvement (there’s also cake!)

I want to whoop de whoop from the roof tops. Furthermore, this forward to the course Jack runs explains,

‘Mindfulness training can be valuable for treating many difficulties in our stressed-out society, including anxiety, tension, and depression. It can also help people find more joy and appreciation in the simple, daily activities that make up our lives.’

Like – yes please and …

‘Mindfulness has the potential to offer much more. Through being fully present, we can activate a new vision of what it means to be alive. It’s not just about having different experiences; it’s about experiencing differently. When we live experience fully, we find meaning and deep satisfaction.’

Different from doling out a load of marketing twaddle, and then putting a cap on it and calling it Mindfulness Marketing.

Mindfulness is a practice. Its not a once a week thing. Mindfulness is part of meditation practice and inner work. Like any practice, in order to get good at it (with results like peacefulness, a clear head, and less anxiety), you need to do it daily.

My aim is to bring mindfulness into how we do our businesses. In this day with Climate Change on the doorstep, Corona Virus creating a new way of living (and as yet no end in sight 16th March 2020), with little sign of change from our leaders, except in response to the pandemic. 

If a business is to be a force for good, let mindfulness lead the way. Then in approaching our business, it’s not just about good practice, great products and service, it will also be about asking questions such as:

Who will benefit? (clue: not just the business owner, its everyone, suppliers, clients, staff)

What is the legacy am I creating? What shifts in awareness will I need to make?

What kind of leader do I want to be?

How well will I listen? (from the inside first …)

What kind of business do I want to establish that answers the questions of today, and takes care of future generations?

You know what they say, if you want to change the world – begin with yourself. Start a mindfulness practice that allows you the space to make the decisions that is of benefit to everyone, that’s you, your business, the people in it, your suppliers, clients, the planet and future generations.

That’s what I call radical business thinking.

Further Reading on mindfulness and work:



Hallo Regina, thank you! It is something I feel strongly about. Business has the potential to be such and it is changing. We just need to keep our vision of what is possible strong.


Bless you Cindy. Thank you for reading the post. Its time to shift the perspective we used to live by! Glad it resonated.

Cindy Fox

Thanks for addressing what mindfulness is not! And yes to going beyond self, to a whole different world and outlook for the better of others beyond me!

Regina Byrne

Lovely piece and a great reminder about what mindfulness actually is and that we can be a force for good in the world through our business.

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