Story has a Code

Here’s the deal, Stories belong to everyone

You can’t hold onto them. When a story arrives in your life via film, book, song, poem, article, post or social media, and it affects you (in a good way), there is a code with storytellers.

I pass it on here, it’s not an obligation to do so, let’s say it’s more of a strong suggestion. It’s highly recommended.

The code is, don’t hide it, share it, so everyone can join in the feast of that tale

The purpose of story is to be heard and shared. Sometimes they are to be chewed over. Thought about, considered.

Often they are digested, but preferably not thrown up.

You can even say why it moved you, when you share it.

Or what you learnt from it. Or, why it made you laugh, cry or get angry.

Or just tell it and see how it lands.

If a story touches you. It resonates with a part of your humanity. If it’s a strong hit. It’s a deeper call to remind you of something that is important to you. Listen to that. What is it saying to you? What do you need to remember?  Treasure that wonderful moment, let it settle in you, show you it’s wisdom. Let it change your thinking. That is story’s secret power.

Then, when you have fully digested it, pay it forward, and ask your listeners to pay it forward too. It’s the decent thing to do because wisdom shared, makes us all richer.