Connection, Connection, Connection

Story, is about connection, so here is a summary of posts you might have missed, starting with my issues around Marketing Buzzwords (‘don’t reach out to me’ post). Where are my smelling salts? Admittedly, it’s a post that has frustration in it, littered with bits of humour. Enjoy the last paragraph in that post.

The purpose of it

This was to bring awareness to the overuse of marketing buzzwords. They can read carelessly and can have no meaning to the reader. Someone used the word wheelhouse to me yesterday. I forgot to ask him why he used it (note to self). It came out of the blue and bamboozled me. Limit your use of jargon (or explain it) and buzzwords.

Autobiographical Storytelling

I used it to touch on the hero, heroine’s journey, via the father of it all, Joseph Campbell. He was a deep thinker, influenced by Jung, who created the template from which all other material on the subject comes from. So, when someone gives you the thumbs up that they created it. Know it’s not true.

This post was full, because in addition, I covered Archetypes (with a crib sheet from a course I did), what they are, and how they help us instinctually connect with a sense of being a part of a greater life, leading to one of the reasons we understand what it is to be human. Creating a picture of the power of these instinctual symbols that evokes a rich source of story material.

Connect your story to your customers

Crafting your personal stories

Finding the ones that are alive with personality and connect you more deeply with your audience, is fun. In the end that’s what you will want to do, tell a better story about you and your business, to create a great rapport.

I believe in teaching people how to fish, not just giving one sardine at a time

If you understand and know the depth of Story and how it works, it means you will express the stories you have to share with greater awareness, instead of being a mystery, and they will be more alive and punchier.

Lastly, I can’t not mention your ‘About Me’ page, as this is an area a lot of people get stuck on with knowing what to do with it, what to say in it and how to write it. The purpose of this post was to reduce fears around the personal touch that you can share (as much as you want). Although, people aren’t interested in knowing your personal habits. Stick that on Social Media.

The About Me page is a crucial part of the tool bag

It’s often the place you can start to formulate your brand. Certainly, it’s the place to start with, to find your key marketing messages, express yourself with freedom, and to convey why you do what you do, so that connecting your story to your customers is much easier. 

It’s where your potential clients or customers will get to know, like and trust you. It’s often overlooked or is a problem area, instead of a vibrant celebration.

And that’s a selection of that was the week that was in Your Story works.

Do click on my About Me page and see what you think.

Are we a match? If so, contact me, would love to connect up!

Cindy Fox

You’ve had me lately thinking about those ‘buzzwords’ and when I respond to others or write at times I am very aware how I need to really be aware of what I’m saying. Much work to do and definitely a work in progress.
Now my about page hhhmmm. I have been working on it but you encourage me to be even more purposeful. I’ve often wondered do people read my story there on social media or on my site! It seems folks slide by so fast they don’t take the time. Regardless, for those who do stop and partake I want it to be who I am and what my business is about and allow my customers to know me.
I will be definitely be attending to this a lot more soon.


Thank you Sarah!


Love this post!


Good for you Dale. Let me know how it goes. Glad the reminder of Joseph Campbell struck a chord. Most brilliant man.

Dale Darley

Off to rewrite my about page. Which as I was walking this morning came to mind as something that needs some work!!!

I keep meaning to read Campbells work and never do. So thank you for the reminder.

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