When I first heard this, in an email from someone whose list I was on – ‘do feel you can reach out to me’ – immediately, I wanted to exchange the word reach for retch. I could not believe that someone thought that was a good phrase.


Two thoughts came into my head colliding with each other for attention.
  1. Who on earth thought that up and why????
  2. Why do people think that these phrases are good and work????

Don’t ever say that you want to reach out to me. It’s false. It’s a clear marketing buzz word. I believe they don’t work when you use them as a way to get a great response from the clients you want to work with. Honestly, if you think that phrase is a great phrase.

Please have a lobotomy. Yes, I know that’s harsh. Oh well.

Please don’t subscribe. I assure you, we would not get on.

Just stop for a moment and think. If someone in a conversation said to you, do reach out to me. Wouldn’t you want to walk away? Or sing the song – Reach out and touch … cos that’s my reaction.

I have been known to unsubscribe from lists that do this.

Even if someone has a good reputation.


I have been known to write to the person concerned via email.

Yes, I have, to let them know why I would be unsubscribing. I don’t get why people think this is a great way to connect. For me, if someone is using this sort of phrase, I don’t think they really care, so I don’t want to know.

In a world where false news is trying to confuse people, facts blur into fiction to uphold an agenda, you simply can’t afford to take the line of using marketing buzz words to create sustainable long-term rapport. In the times we live in, showing your expertise in different ways speaks way more convincingly.

Would you like to know some more buzzwords? Here we go.

Align (50 / 50 for me)
Change-maker (confession – I use this sometimes)
Dynamic (well, am 50 / 50 on this one)
Excited (so overused, I get bored when I hear it)
Out side the box (fab in its day)
Low hanging fruit (yuck))
Window of opportunity (hhhmmmm – humming looking out of the window)
Big picture (yes I went to the movies last night)
Lean In (ugh – the worst! Don’t use this with me, I am likely to lean out and run)
Take if offline (please … I am not a kettle)
Push the envelope (is it a game?)
Get your ducks in a row (**!!??~##??)

What ones drive you bananas? Comment below.

Look, we can all be caught up with using buzzwords. Sadly, I even found myself thinking ‘reach out’ the other day wanting to write something. How did it get in there?

Clearly, it was subliminal mind programming! 

Do buzzwords have a place? I think they do explain certain aspects of a business that are difficult to convey. They can be useful. Used ‘in house,’ behind closed doors, with no one listening. If you are going to use them, with quality in mind, use them thoughtfully.


You see it’s much more powerful and convincing

To use the results that you deliver. Use stories that convey what you offer, or how you work. Use an explanation that describes your services. Use your research, find comments or even better still, use your client’s comments (with their agreement) about what you do.

Good old testimonials (written well – not automated) can do wonders. Though don’t load sheets and sheets of them, I am likely to wander off, leaving you still telling me, how great you are!

To summarise, just because it’s a buzz word and everyone is using it, doesn’t mean its right for you and your clients.

Think first before using them, and if you can’t stop yourself and are habituated to them, here’s a piece of advice:

Kindly take your out of the box, aligned, seeing the bigger picture, raising the bar to take a deep dive, game-changing, window of opportunity and … do something, I can’t say here.

Thank you!