Your About Me Page

When you struggle to find the right words to convey who you are, and what you do in your work and business, and maybe feel you’re selling out on your integrity.
You can create a loop of worry.
A stop-start journey between confidence and doubt when creating your About Me page.

Women can feel that they have to compromise themselves in order to make an impression and be valued, or that the marketing has to be spot on for their audience, or even, secretly think they are an imposter.

When this happens and they don’t come from a place of their truth, they often come up short in their marketing, because fundamentally, it doesn’t feel right. They know they aren’t being true to themselves. This can be quite painful. Your About Me Page

The About Me Page can be a joyful celebration of who you are, your credentials, personality and experience, unless you are stuck in the difficult see-saw of doubt and confidence, peppered with difficult moments and thoughts, like:

‘It’s about landing the understanding of my work, I need to understand that.’

‘It’s really important for me to re-write the story. To own that place, embody it.’

‘I have to move on, the voice needs to be stronger than the old one. I am stuck in an old story.’

‘It’s important for me to be true to myself.’

‘Every time I try to write an About Me page, I fail horribly.’

These are some of the real-life comments from women who struggle to find the right words to convey their experience, personality, and skills on the About Me Page. Here’s why:

It’s personal! Simple as that. It’s in the title.


Women (and men) can go off track trying to get it right. Often trying to find the right keywords for their audience, or marketing buzz words or ‘secret sauce’ that will grab their audience’s attention. Just not in the About Me page though. That feels a little ugly and sends alarm bells through my marketing self, to leave well alone!

The good news is – The About Me Page is a place to show yourself off. Be real, be creative, be formal, be relaxed, be light-hearted, depending upon your personality, skills, experience and your audience. Notice I put you first. There is a reason for that.

The big thing that is missed by most marketers …

Is to know your own Story first. Really this is important. When you stand true in your story, it means you can speak easily about it, which builds confidence. It is also the start of branding and marketing. Then you need to look at who it is you serve. 

If you want to be known, liked and trusted (a marketing rule), there is no better place to create that rapport than the About Me page. End of. 

Think abExpertise, About Meout this for a moment. If you are meeting someone for the first time and you engage in conversation, you will find out a few things about each other.

Then maybe you decide the conversation is going well, so time for a coffee or a glass of wine or a beer.

That’s when things might start to be revealed. A little more depth, a picture is forming, and the layers to that person are being revealed.

Your Website is the handshake 

The place where you share vital info about your ability and expertise, yes, but the About Me Page is the place where the layers can reveal the personality behind the product. Simple.

It’s the best place to get the ‘know, like and trust’ bit of marketing sorted.

Just to clarify, the About Me page is not about confession, it’s not about flying the flag for some passion project (unless that is an important part of your work or ethos), it’s not about letting it all hang out either. You can remain professional, be you and engage your potential clients quite naturally.

The personal touch is coming back into vogue. Keep that in your mind as you review your About Me page. Trust that you can reveal yourself – safely and authentically and trust that the right people you want to work with, will come knocking on your door. Remember – it’s a page of personality.

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