12 fab, natural tips, for an About Me page


  1. You have a licence to reveal your personality. Quirks and all (within reason, no one wants to hear about peculiar personal habits for example).


  1. You can show achievements – Worked for CEO as their right-hand wo/man. You started a project to bring more bicycles to Africa. You were a champion ballroom dancer in your youth (yes even that – if it fits in with your whole story and why you do what you do).


  1. You can give a snapshot of your philosophy and ethos through a description, an anecdote, a story, a testimonial or a quote.


  1. You can offer an insight into how it all started, even if it doesn’t look like its joined-up – read my About Me Page here – its eclectic! You will see that I give snapshots of the various phases of my life. But the thread that runs through it and the heart of it is Story.


  1. You don’t have to make your page long. It can be short, pithy and to the point. It can be humorous. It can be formal. But there is no need to be dry. If you are, people will be turned off. People buy people.


  1. It does need to pack a punch. That doesn’t mean be right in your audience’s face. Be respectful. It can build to a clear statement or indeed have a catchy punchy phrase. In mine, my life shows the thread of Story, then why it is important to me, then lightly shows what story offers others. The rest of your website is about going into more detail about what it is you offer. Don’t do that here.


  1. Your audience can then decide whether to work with you or not. Great to be able to sort them out. If it doesn’t resonate with them, chances are high it won’t be a good fit. What a blessing to know that, without an awkward conversation!


  1. Throughout the page, it does need to resonate with why you do what you do, so that it builds credibility, like and trust, but don’t get hung up on getting it right. Chances are, you will need to do a few drafts. Let the story flow out of you first, then review the themes that are appearing, finally look at the overall message. (By the way, this page is also extremely helpful to learn where to start with your brand).


  1. No need for any marketing slogans. Personally, I think there is nothing more slimy or mistrustful than a marketing hit in the About Me Page. Leave that for you’re the rest of your website. Trust that your natural marketing voice will show through.


  1. Yes, keep your audience in mind when you create it, but not to the exclusion of you revealing why they could work with you as a person. It’s a conversation starter. Your story first, then why you do what you do.


11. There aren’t any ‘musts and nots.’ A few ground rules, as suggested above. It is the page where you have                        a licence to be yourself. By being so, you will attract your audience, naturally.


  1. Finally, your About Me page will evolve. Either you will gain more confidence in revealing more about you, your life, and why you do what you do. Or your business will be growing and elements may need to change. Or you yourself have grown in experience, and need to reflect that.

There you have it. A recipe for a fab and naturally marketed About Me page.


©Jacqueline Redmond – Your Story Works – March 2020

All pictures are from ©Creative Commons Licensing