Story in less than 140 Characters

I love this title for a blog, nabbed from Hubspot via Sarah Arrow because I love twitter – fast in and out. On twitter, there is a story group called Story in Six Words. I love this too. It’s because it immediately calls on my creativity to see if I can actually do it. Here’s my take on the 140 character twitter version about Story:

“Ancient Wisdom that links heart, mind, and soul to create a  meaningful connection to life.” (90 characters mind – boom!)

And here’s the Six Word Story version:

“Ancient Wisdom, connecting heart and soul.”

In essence, that’s what a story is and does. It taps into our innate ability to want to make meaning of the world, our lives, and what we experience.

Story in our modern world is having another renaissance in business terms, and more recently in the use of the false narrative and how acceptable that has become. Story and its themes have never actually gone away. The presentation has changed, that’s all.

I mean, how could it? Our lives are one big story made up of gazillion moments (social media can testify to this, all too easily). Our lives have chapters, rewrites, drafts, and one-liners! We are hard-wired to story in our bones. It’s woven into our psyches and is used unwisely to manipulate (more so nowadays because its power is known), as well as inspire, educate, connect, soothe and entertain.

Nowadays the word story is seen as a little less on-trend. Narrative is the Queen or King for the moment and has a different slantI, but I thought I might show off some of its uses in business terms that are so on trend, such as:

Narrative statements

Building a Strategic Narrative

Narrative Processes

Create a compelling Company Narrative

Narrative Structure

Types of Narrative techniques .. and so on.

They are all very popular. Now substitute the word narrative with story and voila, here it is again, hiding in plain sight, but you get my point. Story hasn’t gone away.

Because that’s its power. It’s so innate in our very essence as humans. It’s a very flexible medium to assist people in their work, their lives and their business. My intention is to make full use of Story from its roots to its branches and leaves and give you the low down on how Story works, weaving the wisdom of ancient knowledge into the modern day and into our very bones.


Thank you Sarah!

Sarah Charmley

This is an intriguing premise and I look forward to seeing more


Hallo Dale .. you too with the 6 word stories? Great fun and good practice. Enjoy reconnecting with it. I understand about cake and dogs too!


You are most welcome Lisa, makes things simpler as you can see and its a creative challenge – but quite doable. Give it a go yourself!


I love this and shall play with it. I used to do a lot of six word stories. Thanks for the reminder.

Loves of my life, cake and three dogs.

That’s all you need to know 🙂


Boom!! I like the idea of “Story in less than 140 Characters” and “Six Word Story” because it gets straight to the point. No extras or fillers needed! Thank you so much for sharing this idea today. Much love Lisa

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