How to remember, access and walk with our innate wisdom and kindness to create a better world, using Stories

"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest."  Maya Angelou

Our common bond of being human unites us, whoever we are, whatever our viewpoints. It is our diversity that helps us to grow and to appreciate differing views, which is why,

Everybody's Story Matters

Therefore, discerning what is true for us, by getting to understand and listen to our inner knowing and wisdom helps us to navigate the often choppy waters of life.

It is an essential ability in an age of division, misinformation, and falsehoods presented as truth. Your soul, that part of you that remains unphased by life's challenges, that lives in love and balance, can be traced, uncovered, and mapped out.

One easy method to do this is by using Story. A story's power is the way it communicates eternal truths about being human, verbally and non verbally. This helps us make meaning out of living, in our own world view.

Your Story Works focusses on how our stories whether known, shared, hidden, fear based or joyful, as well as those tantalising possibilities we dream about, can be understood more profoundly, with humour and gratefulness.

Then we can tap into the deeper realms within, safely and playfully learning what our wisdom truly is, trusting it, so the steps we need to take in our lives become clearer. Welcome to Your Story Works.