“Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”                                                                                                                                                    Maya Angelou 

Our common bond of being human unites us, whoever we are, whatever our viewpoints.

It is our diversity that helps us to grow and to appreciate differing views – it’s not the reason to build walls.

That is what is deeply embedded in me and so it filters out into the way I work. Everybody’s story matters.

As a Storyteller steeped in the richness of what story means and how to effectively harvest stories, I work with people to assist them in several ways through natural marketing and with deeper work to find purpose, or working with challenges, changes, decisions and more, through the Transformation Game.

On the marketing front. I have found that the person with the best marketing soundbites is … the person themselves. In listening to the story of their business or their personal story that informs their business, I hear nuggets of gold all the time. My job is to help you to:

  •  Tell your story well – especially if you feel stuck in an old story.
  • Assist with re-writing – finding the words that reflect your values, so you keep your integrity intact, whilst talking with your potential clients and customers.
  •  Change your ho-hum About Me page into highly readable, and actionable content.
  •  Or maybe you don’t feel understood and seen, which stops you from making yourself and your business visible.
  •  Perhaps you need to empower yourself to tell the story of your business, by re-aligning and re-connecting with your essential self, so you can re-emerge, stronger and more confident.
  •  Sometimes, digging deeper to find out what blocks to the story you want to tell is the key.

Marketing is everywhere, with do this and do that attached. You almost can’t get away from it. This can bamboozle, instead of being used as a constructive tool for your business. The aim of Your Story Works is to offer my expertise in collaboration with my clients’ expertise and natural wisdom. Together we craft a marketing story and strategy that reflects the values and ethos that is close to their heart – then we look at the tools that can best be used to serve their business and their clients.

If this sounds like you – then I invite you to get in touch, read the website to find out more. Check out my blog with its diverse topics (there is more to life than marketing). Contact me if you have questions and when you feel ready, I hope we meet and work together.