When life deals a curve ball, such as a sudden job loss, a necessary career change due to bullying at work, or simply feeling stuck in a rut, a loss of confidence can occur.

Self-doubt often raises it’s head at these points. If severe enough, it can cause anguish, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, depression and stress. Really horrible places to be in.

When this happens, it can be a big challenge to know what to do, or where to begin. This is when an old friend can pop in – feeling unworthy. 

Strange as it may sound, this down turn is good news! Because now it’s about discovering what’s real. It’s about discerning whether it’s outer circumstances, or your inner story (beliefs that aren’t challenged), that are ruling you.

Because you can bust the myths that are preventing you from seeing your value. Beliefs can be changed, and outer circumstances can be addressed to see what is true and what isn’t – what joy! 

Your Story begins to work again when you start to face the challenge, accept the situation as it is and begin unpacking the story.. This is where compassion, a bit of humour, and a good back pack of proven, practical tools can help you on your way.

This loosens the bonds of depression and anxiety. 

It mends broken dreams, minds and hearts.

That’s got to be worth the journey.

Harvest your Business Story

My approach is to imagine we are having a cup of tea at the kitchen table. This is where your stories whether known, hidden, fear based, joyful, or the tantalising possibilities you dream about, are shared and listened to with respect. Then together we craft the new story you want to live and tell.

If this has resonated, and you are determined to make a change, but you recognise that you need support, take a look at the following services. Click on the pages, have a read, then take the next step. Or book a Courage to Be You Consultation now.

Am I a Fraud? 1-1 Package.

Courage to be You. 1-1 Bespoke Package.

Plus the inspirational Transformation (Board) Game – for 1 – 4 players.

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